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Our Story

Solar de Mendieta wines are manufactured in La Rioja, Spain’s most famous wine-growing region. Our wines are yielded through experience, passion, and the finest winemaking art.


Historical Enclave

At the foot of the Sierra Cantabria mountain range, which gives its name to the bodega and protects our vineyards from the cold north winds, lies San Vincente de la Sonsierra, a small town with a great winemaking tradition.


In keeping with the highly respected tradition of the art of winemaking, passed down from generation to generation, but also using the most modern technology, Sierra Cantabria produces wines with a very personal character.


This is both a genuine passion and a daily commitment. The credo is to constantly surpass oneself and pay the utmost attention to each and every production process, from the selection of the best terroirs to the final product. This is what we stand for.

Superior Climate

The mountains of Cantabria (1200 meters above sea level) and the river Ebro (350 meters above sea level) create a special midland-continental microclimate, with moderately cold winters and mild summers, which has a very positive effect on the vines.


In summer, the differences in temperature (hot days and cool nights) lead to an increase in the polyphenol content of the grapes, which makes for excellent wines.


Unique Soil

This viticultural landscape is characterized by a gentle, undulating relief. The particular composition of the soil - clayey and very calcareous - corresponds to the so-called "Calcixerollic Xerichrept" limestone massif.


It is a soil poor in organic matter, nutrients, and mineral salts, which is ideal for growing vines.


The richness of rounded stones, remains of sediments and gravel, ensures optimal drainage and water retention. In the lower layers of the soil, there are fissured rocks that help the roots of the vines to find complementary substances, thus favoring the growth of the fruit.

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