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Sierra Cantabria Mágico Rotwein Flasche




Sierra Cantabria Mágico proceeds from a small vineyard El Vardallo (also known as Las Sepulturas) measuring 1.18 hectares, located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra. It is a vineyard sown and grafted after and spared from the phylloxera crisis at the beginning of the 20th century, with a wide range of varieties, both red and white. Among the reds there is 65 % Tempranillo, 20 % Grenache, 2.5 % Graciano, 1 % Petit Bouschet and 1.1 %, others; among the white varieties is 4.4 % Calagraño, 3.2 % Turruntés (Rioja) and 2.8 % Viura (Macabeo). It is a vineyard that for some time has excited us for its age, diversity, and countryside as well as its manner of communicating this strength, fineness, and purity.



In 2010, an exceptional year, working right in the vineyard, we speculated that, perhaps by processing all the varieties together we could produce a wine boasting a truly extraordinary expression, one that would thrill us as much as the area in which its grapes are grown. And, indeed, this first 2010 vintage was truly remarkable. After de-stemming by hand, grape by grape, the combined varieties were fermented in two wooden vats and the Garnacha in another vat, thereby respecting their differences. The pre-fermentation soaking takes 5 days at a temperature of 8 ºC. Soaking with the skins takes 21 days for the combined varieties and 15 days for the Garnacha. Malolactic fermentation is carried out in new French oak barrels. The combined varieties are fermented in a 500  l barrel and four 225 l barrels, and the Garnacha in a 500 l barrel.


The wine world is one of sensations and emotions that sweep us away to other places. As Riojans, we are always seeking genuine and pure wines that express their origins, landscape, culture, tradition, ancestors, family and personal experiences. In this wine, Sierra Cantabria Mágico, all these qualities come together.

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