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Teso La Monja
Teso La Monja Rotwein Flasche


Uncork ‘Teso La Monja’ and embark on a fascinating journey to a small enchanted plot of land, with that mystical nature found only in privileged terroirs that have achieved the status of natural heritage with the passing of decades. Man is called to preserve these special terroirs with tender care, as if they were precious and fragile treasures. with tender care, as if they were precious and fragile treasures. ‘Teso La Monja’ originates in a 1.8 hectare pre-phylloxera vineyard whose quality fascinated and captivated us immediately. Its soil composition, with a limestone level slightly higher than the rest of the region, endows the wine with distinction and unique elegance. Loyal to our philosophy of recovering the viticulture practised by our greatgrandfather Amancio Eguren, we have worked the vineyard by hand, at just the right time, on just the right day, in order to optimise and honour the principle of minimum intervention, in order to obtain the maximum character and identity, respecting the singularity of the terroir and the rhythms of its environment.



‘Teso La Monja’ is crafted with the utmost respect for nature’s biorhythms and energies. With constant and meticulous respect for the fragility of the grape bunches, a team of 50 people approximately de-stemm the fruit by hand, grape by grape. Once the alcoholic fermentation begins in an open wood tank, the manual pressing commences with 25-50 cm of grapes on the surface. Thus, 35-45% of the grapes are pressed in a process occurring three times a day for an hour and a half. The malolactic fermentation takes place in a unique, egg-shaped oak tank, the Ovum, designed by the master coopers of the maison Taransaud, complying with the ‘golden rule’ or ‘divine ratio’. The Ovum fosters the biorhythms of the wine and achieves a silky, elegant and integrated wine. The wine is then aged in three new fine-grained, medium toasted French, Bordelaise oak barrels for a minimum period of 24 months.



The most surprising quality of this wine is that it genuinely expresses its magical setting, displaying great freshness, finesse, all-embracing tannins, a deceitful aroma and a slightly ethereal body capable of making a lasting impression.

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