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Solar de Mendieta Weingut Bodega

Our Wines

In tune with the cherished tradition of the winemaker's art, passed down from generation to generation, and utilizing the latest technology, the bodega produces wines with a very personal character. 

Solar de Mendieta Weine
Sierra Cantabria Weine
Sierra Cantabria Weine
Sierra Cantabria Señorio de San Vicente Weinflasche

Our Wine Varieties

Our wines are produced in La Rioja D.O.C and Toro D.O. We offer a special selection of the most elegant wines in the regions, showing unique textures and very personal notes.

Solar de Mendieta buntes Logo mit Wappen
Solar de Mendieta Bodega mit Weinfässern

Rioja Region

Rioja is among the most important wine regions in Spain (Denominación de Origen Calificada). It is located on both sides of the river Ebro in the autonomous regions of La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarre. 


Our wines are produced in the sub-regions of Rioja Alta and Alavesa. Here we create complex and elegant wines featuring a wide range of sensations on the palette, alongside a balanced finish.

Toro Region

Toro D.O. is a protected wine region in Castilla y Leon, north-western Spain. The region is well known for its powerful, full-bodied red wines made from the famous Tinta de Toro grapes from over 100-year-old grapevines


The special wines represent the power that defines this region, they show unique textures and a good combination of fruit intensity and fine earthy notes.

Solar de Mendieta Weingut Eingang

Shop our Selection of Wines

Discover our wide selection of quality wines from La Rioja and Toro.

Delivered directly to your door. 

Solar de Mendieta Reserva Rotwein
Solar de Mendieta Crianza Rotwein
Solar de Mendieta Codice Rotwein
Solar de Mendieta Blanco Joven Weisswein
Solar de Mendieta Rosado Joven Roséwein
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